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Experienced Senior Executive/ Head Chef with exceptional skills for developing and delivering a complete range of dining services in a large-scale operation.

With over two decades of experience at high-end restaurants and caterers, Rosario Russo is able to pay attention to multiple tasks at the same time, he’s able at designing and updating Italian menus for patrons in urban areas in the USA, he’s a safety and guidelines-oriented professional with a track record of complying with all rules and regulations, he’s an effective communicator, an expert in managing the kitchen department, strong scheduling and budgeting skills, recruiting and training new entrants at a good pace.

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Neapolitan pizzas prepared with the purest respect for traditions, fresh hand-made pasta (do not miss our pasta with the truffles) and over a hundred different wines from the most renowned winemakers.

Ah, and one last trick: delicious Italian Baba' for dessert!

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